Current Exhibits

The Last Picture Show – Kenneth Cotlar

Possibly the final solo show from Kenneth Cotlar in our region

June 2 – July 16, 2022

Join us for the opening reception on June 16, 2022, from 6-9 PM.

Kenneth Cotlar Artist Statement
My abstract paintings are process driven works created on various surfaces,
masonite, plexiglass, aluminum, or heavy raw duck canvas using acrylic, latex and oil paints.
My methodology involves readying myself by means of Transcendental
Meditation (relaxing and clearing the mind of preconceived images), and then executing a random mark, stroke, swath or pool of paint, and then each subsequent stroke is suggested from the previous. The concept is to get the painting to paint itself.
The process and the resulting image then, is what the painting is about. I
consciously try not to impose myself on the painting, yet become part of the natural random progression of the art. The images are mostly unconscious or intuitive and are intentionally non-representational.

Kenneth Cotlar, originally from in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; earned a BFA from Penn State University in 1969. He worked as a graphic design artist in Philadelphia for several years before moving to Cambria County to partner with his wife in business. He freelanced graphic design projects for various regional businesses as well as visual merchandising and advertising art. For three decades he painted sporadically, selling his works selectively. Retiring from business in early 2001, he returned to full time painting after graduate work at Indiana University of PA. His award winning paintings have been exhibited in numerous juried shows, one man exhibits, art festivals and are held in private collections
throughout the United States.

Additional sponsor

The Molok at Bottle Works is seeking object donations! Moving and need to get rid of old stuff? Got something special with a great story you want built into the puppet? Bring it on by! We love broken objects!

We’ll be accepting loads of object donations for the next month in a lead up to our installation at Bottle Works opening Thursday July 28th!

Here are some examples of perfect objects to donate!

Bottle caps


Mannequins, puppets and dummies

Bulk clothing – scarves, gloves, hats, uniforms

Black clothing in kids/teen sizes

Belts, suspenders, ties

Fabric, blankets, towels, rugs, tapestries

Old electronics- chargers, cables, wires, headphones

Cassettes and VHS tapes

Old TVs and monitors

Toys and games

Stuffed animals and dolls

Holiday decor and Halloween costumes

Glasses, wigs and jewelry

Old photos

Broken umbrellas

Crutches, walkers, canes, medical supplies 

Sports equipment


Tarps, tents, shower curtains

Trophies, medals, awards

Musical instruments

Working microwaves

Rope, string, yarn, thread

Chicken wire, metal screen, metal mesh

Twist ties

Arts and crafts materials

Epoxy resin 

Loaner video projectors

Please note that the Bottle Works engages in photography and recording of programs and events for its own print and online publication/promotional purposes. Staff and volunteers will make every effort to notify members of the public when filming and/or photography is taking place. Please notify a staff member/volunteer if you do not want to be photographed or filmed.