Emerging Modalities of the New Media Art World by Zone Patcher

August 16 – September 15

Opening Reception August 16, 6 – 8 PM in the Tulip building

From the PsychoActivArts Studio, Zone Patcher creates fractal portraits and abstract compositions, and animations. A 21st-Century Paradigm Shift has this computer-based, math-based Art growing in an exciting way. Zone’s passion, talent, and skill are igniting the community. Bottle Works is pleased to feature this Emerging Artist’s digital creations in his first solo exhibition. Along with the visual impact of the show, it has added interest because of the math-based process.

Curator’s quote:
“Advancements in technology give digital artists a growing range of tools to create with, such as layers, masks, true-color gradients, deep zooming, and custom fractal formulas, with new animation capabilities making it possible to create fractal movies and turn existing fractals into moving computer art. One of our local artists has devoted his creative exploration to this field, and excelled in it. So we are happy to feature Zone’s work as he emerges onto the art scene, in his first of many exhibits to come.”