Featuring the Artistic Works of Bottle Works’ Studio Artists

June 29-September 15


The exhibit features two dimensional visual works, by the artists at the Bottle Works studios, including oil and acrylic painting, long exposure stylized photographs on metal, photo collages on fabric, and mixed media encaustic paintings.




Marcene Glover

As former Congressional Portrait Artist, Courtroom Artist, and Wellness Residency Artist, Marcene Glover paints from her passion for community. In this era of quick sound bites, Marcene paints subtleties, nuanced layered images and texture, hinting at subject matter, coaxing the viewer to define the details, to engage in the conversation with the painting, and see new possibilities in our surroundings.

Marcene is the National Liaison for Women’s Caucus for Art New York Chapter. She is active with national arts advocacy organizations, commuting to New York City and abroad to exhibit her work and help curate shows. While she exhibits internationally, Marcene’s studio at Bottle Works gives her the space and supportive atmosphere to create.


Jaime Helbig

Local nostalgic trains, to inspirational transformation portraits, to fun tourist filled beach vacation scenes.

Jaime Helbig was born in 1977 and grew up in Pennsylvania. Early in her life she developed a love for the arts. Over the years, she honed her skills as a contemporary figurative portrait painter in a traditional medium. Her current oil paintings feature tourist vacation beach scenes and local trains.

Jaime’s mother, an artist, and her father, an architectural designer, had a great deal of influence upon her career as an artist. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree in 2003 and into her MFA in Painting and Drawing, her focus was upon becoming a professional in her studio production. Throughout Jaime’s studies, work has been closely related to the family bond and religious ties that had been so grounded within her throughout her life.

Jaime has also had opportunities to teach all age groups. Her educational experience stretches from public schools to arts centers and currently, as an adjunct professor at a community college. Jaime enjoys the interaction as a teacher of the arts, and will continue teaching as the opportunity arises.


Brandon Hirt

When talking about his art, Brandon Hirt says: “My photography is a box of chocolates that is full of variety image making. My sweet tooth really is long exposure photography. Using these techniques I am able to create luminous landscapes that reveal a peacefulness or chaos to a scene.”


Holly Lees

Holly Lees is a photographer and an art and mindfulness teacher. She is particularly interested in the role of art as a tool for self-discovery and acceptance. Her portraits share stories of individuals and communities around the world.


Joanne Mekis

Joanne Mekis is an award winning graphic designer, painter, and art instructor. Graphic design has been her career since college and she continues to love what she does. Joanne’s specialty is branding identity and she has created logos and symbols for a wide variety of clients, country-wide. Painting is her first love and this exhibit has pushed Joanne to finish some older pieces and create new ones. Her choice of medium is acrylic paint used in a thick, painterly application. Joanne loves teaching art and art history to children and adults around the world. Her role in this world is to be an encourager and a mentor of hope and dreams realized through art and creative expression. The art of her students has proven to be a conduit of their imaginations.


Laura Williamson

Laura Williamson’s career as a music-teaching artist includes solo and collaborative piano performing, editorial consulting, mentoring, and teaching private and group lessons. She has been a resident artist at Bottle Works since 2014, where she teaches recreational piano classes to adults of all ages and abilities. Her studio is called Piano For Pleasure.