Nalini Bhat
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Nalini Bhat

Nalini Bhat learned Bharatanatyam from Ramya Parthasarathi in Johnstown. Her passion for dance and fervor for perfection made her an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer in a record time. With her highly acclaimed Arangetram in 1995, Nalini earned the distinction of introducing the most ancient dance form in the world, to Johnstown. Her love of dance made her seek a Guru in India and she trained extensively under the renowned teacher, Usha Datar. Nalini pursued not only Bharatanatyam, but Mohiniattam and kuchipudi, other dance forms of India. Nalini has several dance demonstrations, performances and workshops to her credits. In 2002 she founded the Lotus Dance Academy, a non profit organization where young students learn Bhatanatyam under her inspired tutlelage. Four of her students performed Arangetram, the graduation solo performance thus continuing the rich tradition of dance from India. The proceeds from the dance lessons go directly to charity which supports street kids’ project in Africa and orphanages in India. Nalini has successfully choreographed several dances, including a fusion of Bharatanatyam with ballet dance. In recognition of her contribution to Bharatanatyam, she was awarded the prestigious, Pennsylvania partnership in arts scholarship, twice. Nalini is currently working on writing an informative book on Arangetram.The lotus dance academy.


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December 12, 2014