Spring 2020 Class Descriptions and Schedule

Classes begin March 31st and run for EIGHT weeks. (See schedule below for specific dates.)

Each class meets weekly for 75 minutes. The $180 fee covers EIGHT classes and all materials. (Register and pay by March 15th and save $5!)
Not sure which class to take? Contact Laura Williamson at lbwpiano@gmail.com or call 814-410-6144. To register online, visit www.lbwpiano.com.


Have you always wanted to try piano? If so, this class is for you! No prior music or piano experience will be assumed or expected. The emphasis will be on personal enjoyment and the sheer pleasure of learning something new! Enjoy playing easy arrangements of familiar tunes while you become familiar with the layout of the keyboard and learn basic music notation. Bring a friend or two and share the joy of making music! It’s NEVER too late to enjoy playing the piano and making new friends!

DAY AND TIME TBD: Please contact Laura Williamson at 814-410-6144 or via email: lbwpiano@gmail.com


If it’s been a while since you’ve played, don’t worry, we’ll start with a review of basics! Have fun making music with other like-minded adults while improving your sight reading and hands together coordination, playing mostly in the key of C. Our long-term goal is that you will able to just “sit down and play,” whether it’s from notation, playing a favorite song by ear, or improvising over a few chords. Dust off that piano and join us! Life is too short for regrets!
Wednesday mornings, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm, April 1st – May 20th OR:
Thursday afternoons, 1:30 – 2:45 pm, April 2nd – May 21st


SLOW AND STEADY! This relaxed class is for elementary-level pianists wanting to review and build upon music reading and rhythm skills while moving at a comfortable, steady pace. You will enjoy playing music in traditional and popular styles, and improve your hands together playing through arrangements that offer equal right and left hand involvement.
Tuesday afternoons, 1:30 – 2:45 pm, March 31st – May 19th


This faster-paced class is for elementary-level pianists wanting to improve hands together coordination, develop better left hand technique, and learn how to play familiar songs by using chords. Sight playing and rhythm reading activities will be a regular part of class and we’ll also have fun using the instrument voices on the digital pianos to play ensemble music that will make us sound like a keyboard orchestra!
Thursday afternoons, noon – 1:15 pm, April 2nd – May 21st


This class is for early-intermediate level pianists comfortable reading and playing music with both hands, in easier key signatures. You’ll have fun playing a mix of solo and ensemble music in classical, folk and popular styles, and learn how to play by ear using easier chord progressions and left hand accompaniment patterns.
Tuesday afternoons, noon – 1:15 pm, March 31st – May 19th


This class is for intermediate and early advanced pianists wanting to expand their musical horizons beyond what they learned in traditional lessons. Playing a wide variety of musical styles, we’ll continue learning about chords, strengthen our sight reading skills, and build our left-hand technique with accompaniment patterns used in popular styles. Make new friends and experience how satisfying it can be to just “sit down and play,” especially when you understand how music really works!
Wednesday mornings, 10:00 -11:15 am, April 1st – May 20th