Join us for an exploration of light and color with the photography of Matthew Stich in the “Painting with Light” Photography Exhibit in our black box theater. August 15-September 27. Opening reception to be held on August 15th from 6-9 PM.

Matthew Stich graduated from Penn State with a Bachelors in Art 2006.
Mediums throughout his career ranged from sculpture, charcoals, graphic design, and currently photography.
He is a photographer for national Just Labs magazine. He has won numerous awards in regional and national competitions and magazines.

Matthew’s latest artworks explore depth and subdued lighting to portray vastness, size, and overall feeling of openness and isolation. An exploration into classical chiaroscuro (light and darkness) use in contemporary photography and bridging the gap between past masters and now. Small and large voids of light on and off the scene lend some mystery to the stories he tells. Long exposures and dynamic symmetry help bring together these concepts. With opinions and social news everywhere people use personal platforms to give their commentary on today’s events. Matthew’s artwork breaks away from this by creating art that is self-contained entities. He looks to find beauty in the isolation of his work leaving the chaotic world behind. He creates original art to feel the simplicity and beauty of subdue lighting and shadows creating an ambiance for the viewer.