Monochromonsters Exhibit by Nora Thompson

October 3 – November 8

Dare to go beyond the lines and dive into the world of illustrator & graphic designer Nora Thompson in the exhibition entitled Monochromonsters. Nora will introduce us to creatures known as the “The Rots.” The crazy, creepy characters who once lurked inside her head, will make their debut in the Art Works Events Room Gallery. The opening reception will take place on October 17 from 5-9 PM, during our “Oh, So Artsy Halloween Party”.


Most of my art for most of my life never ventured very far outside the lines. I did as I was told and followed what I thought were the rules. But once I glanced away for a second, out of the corner of my eye something sparked outside the lines, and I imagined crazy little characters whose sole purpose was to exist only for me. What jumped onto that first sketchbook page was nothing like what people had been paying me to draw in the real world. These characters had been crawling around in my head for weeks, and they wanted out. They knew that whatever lurked inside the lines of the real world could be undeniably terrifying.


Nora has been getting in trouble for her art since she learned how to sign her name and discovered floors, walls and furniture made pretty neat canvasses. By the time she hit second grade, she became a tattoo artist for her classmates (also pretty neat canvasses) in spite of inadequate, under-the-table pay and their being forced to bathe. She started playing drums when she was nine, graduated with a BFA at the top of her class when she was 40, and in between raised twins. Somewhere in the middle of growing up a little, she became an illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist and writer. She worked as an illustrator and graphic artist in the editorial art department of a daily newspaper for six years, has been exhibiting her artwork since 1990 and illustrating professionally since 1992. Her best friend is a potter and painter and agreed to marry her, and they spend as much time on the bike trail as humanly possible.