Jaime Helbig POP UP Exhibition

June 21 – 23

Paintings on canvas


Pop up shows are fleeting like sunshine; come enjoy this while it’s here!

Master Painter Jaime Helbig’s work is award winning. Jaime is a resident Studio Artist at Bottle Works. Her masterpieces usually fill her whole studio. But for this one weekend, they are coming out to fill the gallery! Her subject matter appeals to folks on different levels, from her local nostalgic trains, to inspirational transformation portraits, to fun tourist filled beach vacation scenes.

“My desire is for everyone to appreciate my paintings as I intend for them to be read; as a highlight of the area in the midst of the negativity. We can easily bypass the potential and historical value, but as you study the color arrangements and shapes within my paintings, imagine the town in a new perspective. I see a city worthy of pride, full of accomplishment, overcoming obstacles and continuing to provide families with jobs and affordable living. Look at Johnstown’s nostalgia. Capture it; the city is full of beauty and abstract design.

I always work closely with oil paints because I am drawn to the flow of the brush against a traditionally stretched canvas. History connects itself to me every time I pick up my paint brush and make a mark. There will always be ways to create something new with this medium. I will continue with this series as an ongoing development of work. Since all of humanity is born into struggles, models will always be plenteous. I make a statement about hope; this will always be my ultimate goal.”

Jaime Helbig was born in 1977 and grew up in Pennsylvania. Early in her life she developed a love for the arts. Over the years, she honed her skills as a contemporary figurative portrait painter in a traditional medium. Oil paints, has been an avenue to which she is able to paint her dramatically lit figures.

Jaime’s mother, an artist, and her father, an architectural designer, had a great deal of influence upon her career as an artist. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree in 2003 and into her MFA in Painting and Drawing, her focus was upon becoming a professional in her studio production. Throughout Jaime’s studies, work has been closely related to the family bond and religious ties that had been so grounded within her throughout her life.

Jaime has also had opportunities to teach all age groups. Her educational experience stretches from public schools to arts centers and currently, as an adjunct professor at a community college. Jaime enjoys the interaction as a teacher of the arts, and will continue teaching as the opportunity arises.