Ditko Inspired

Show us how the Legendary Steve Ditko inspired you!

The Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Johnstown, PA, hometown of Spider-man co-creator, creator of Doctor Strange, and countless other comic book characters, Steve Ditko, in collaboration with Mr. Ditko’s family is hosting a Hometown Heroes-Steve Ditko Exhibit in our Main Gallery Space from July 15 – September 11, 2021.

The exhibit will feature family heirlooms, and a myriad of Mr. Ditko’s work throughout the comic book industry. Items will include Ditko letters, original art, prints of some of his best-known works, comic books, and memorabilia related to characters that he created/co-created. We are focusing on honoring his memory, and really showing who he was to his family and friends, as well as what he meant to the comic book industry.

We want you to show us how Steve Ditko’s legacy inspired you, in our Ditko Inspired Exhibit!

The exhibit will run the same dates as the main exhibit, and focus on how Steve’s work has inspired artists in and around the industry. We are asking artists to donate an original piece of work or high-quality print. Part of the proceeds will benefit future Ditko projects at the Bottle Works, including public art, and a Steve Ditko Memorial Studio Space at the Bottle Works dedicated to aspiring artists in comics/illustration. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Hero Initiative in the form of a donation made by the Bottle Works in Mr. Ditko’s name following the sale of the art. Along with your piece, we are asking that you record a short video, 1-2 minutes at most, explaining what Steve Ditko meant to you. These videos will be combined with interviews with Ditko family members, and industry professionals to compose a video that will run on a loop during the exhibit.

Below is a link to the Google Form Application and rules for entry into the exhibit.

All questions in regards to any Steve Ditko event at the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center can be directed to Creative Director- Matt Lamb at mlamb@bottleworks.org (814)-535-2020.