Special Programming

Organization Collaborations


BOTTLE WORKS, YogaSong and human service organizations collaborate to offer trauma yoga.

We welcome collaborations with human service and community service organizations who compliment our mission, regarding new or current program offerings. The BOTTLE WORKS is especially interested in organization collaborations interested in utilizing the arts as a mechanism for healing. Any questions, please call Brittany, Healing Arts Coordinator, at 814.535.2020.







Touch Tours

Resident Artist, Marcene Glover works on a piece in her studio.

Resident Artist, Marcene Glover works on a piece in her studio.

BOTTLE WORKS introduces a new all-inclusive educational initiative geared towards unique learners. We are offering art tours deliberated by artists for students with visual/auditory impairments and/or special needs. Students will be invited to experience tactile exploration of the art, tool demonstration, and a directed tour. While this is designed for unique learners, any learner is welcome.This is a collaborative opportunity between BOTTLE WORKS artists and other facilitators who work with impaired learners. During the course of the Touch Tours programming, we will continue to open up avenues for artistic growth like our newly funded ceramic space that will provide another opportunity perfect for the kinesthetic learner, or the visually and auditory impaired.If interested in participating, please contact Brittany Blackham, Healing Arts Coordinator at the BOTTLE WORKS at 814.535.2020.



Field Trips


Students are guided through the current exhibit.

Our space is available to host school-affiliated events within both the Art Works and Bottle Works buildings. Field trips are tailored to the need and interest of your school or group. We welcome students to explore our current exhibit and our six functioning artist studios within the gallery.  If requested, the BOTTLE WORKS may facilitate a directed artist tour. There is a minimal fee in place per student, proceeds support increased opportunities to further new educational programming.

Come participate, promote, and celebrate the arts within your school community! If interested, please contact the BOTTLE WORKS at 814.535.2020.