Artists’ Hall of Fame

The BOTTLE WORKS has several signature events and fundraisers throughout the year, but our longest and most notable event is our Artists’ Hall of Fame. The BOTTLE WORKS’ celebrated its 16th Annual Artists’ Hall of Fame on November 4, 2017. The Artists’ Hall of Fame is a special evening which showcases and honors individuals who have climbed the ladder of artistic excellence or had a positive impact on the arts.





2017 Bottle Works Artists’ Hall of Fame

2017 Honorees

Dr. Richard and Anna Antemann

Perfect Harmony

Ask any two people who sing together; they will tell you the experience is exhilarating and transformative.  For Dr. Richard and Anna Antemann, this is the epitome of the truth.  They met singing:  Anna, an elementary teacher in Florida, auditioning for the Messiah and the handsome tenor in his Air Force Chorale.  There was courtship, then marriage, children and moving from West Coast back to New York, where Dr. Richard completed his medical training at Albany Medical, and they land in Johnstown where Dick became the Radiation Oncologist at both city hospitals.

The Antemanns built a nest and a network that included every known and yet unknown opportunity to celebrate and promote their love of the Arts, from serving on boards, working on fundraisers, to performing in multiple chorale groups: the JSO Chorale, Medical Musical groups and others that traveled around the world manifesting friendship through music.  Dick joined forces with Jim Richey and others to form the “Dixie Docs”. A gifted pianist, he often performed for special gatherings.  Anna happily transported his harpsichord when necessary.  She credits Dick with opening up a whole new world of music to her – but we know she was one quick study.

Soon after coming to Johnstown, the Antemann family discovered a Summer Paradise in Western NY at the Chautauqua Institute.  They began a yearly pilgrimage, engaged in social and artistic activities – joining, supporting, learning, mentoring, hosting, and enjoying.

While on a medical mission, Dick met with a sudden and untimely death.  It was a shock for the community and for Anna, who still hears the voice of that dashing tenor she met those many years ago.

Anna continues the Antemann legacy of improving the lives of others – whether through the Arts, or service, all based on a genuine love and appreciation of humankind.

(singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and certainly more fun than working out.  It is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed.  Even if you walked into rehearsal exhausted and depressed, by the end of the night you’ll walk out high as a kite on endorphins and good will.)


Christina Antemann

Christina Antemann is a star on the worldwide visual arts stage and she credits parents and teachers for the opportunities in Johnstown as well as art classes at the Chautauqua Institution.  Her home, with parents and two brothers, abounded with music and an appreciation for the Arts. However her choice of the visual arts was an idea she pitched to her Dad, and the family encouraged her to make it her career.

After graduation from Westmont Hilltop, Chris earned a BFA in ceramics and painting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her MFA at University of Minnesota.  IUP honored her with the Distinguished Alumna Award in 2015.

An invitation to the Residency Program at the prestigious Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Mo had an extra bonus.  There she met Jacob Hasslacher, another ceramic artist.  They were married and moved near Joseph, Oregon.  Jacob’s dream was to start a residency program which Chris helped him accomplish.

Chris began serious work with porcelain which reflected the classical and romantic styles of the 18th Century.  When the CEO of MEISSEN saw her work online, he recognized a perfect fit and invited her to work at MEISSEN in Germany.

With the help of the expert artisans at the manufactory she was able to direct the creation of a huge and stunning body of work:  Forbidden Fruit.  The exhibition was shown in six museums in the states including Frick- Pittsburgh, MADD in New York City and ended at the Crocker in Sacramento in June.

Her next goal was to take the exhibition to Russia. She recently received confirmation from the Museum of Decorative Arts in Moscow and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

You are encouraged to tour the fantasies and genius of this young woman by visiting her website:


Marcene Glover

Sprouting from the firm roots of her unassuming studio at the BOTTLE WORKS, Marcene Glover’s art has touched the hearts of many, reaching an international audience with its healing powers and socially conscious message. Marcene’s work is commissioned by U.S. Members of Congress, and can be seen hanging in the Pentagon. Her paintings are sold in Italy, Canada, Paris, and NYC.  Likewise, her work is collected by museums, universities, congressional offices, federal courtrooms, the congressional library, and the Pentagon. She traveled from Nevada to Rhode Island with Residencies, creating and exhibiting her one person show Faces In Government; Facets In Culture.

Marcene paints from personal observations through years of experience as Courtroom Artist, Portrait Artist, Advocacy Artist, Healing Artist, Curator, Consultant, Educator, and Writer-Illustrator. Her roles range from healing and inspiring chronic pain patients and incarcerated youth, to representing many rich cultural traditions, to interviewing and collaborating with congressional members and civil rights leaders, aesthetically representing their issues. Marcene’s work is shaped by these experiences of helping people through the Arts. The mixed media paintings with oil glazes, textural wax, and gold leaf, aim at a direct visceral connection with the viewer.

Marcene commutes from her Bottle Works studio to Manhattan, where she exhibits in solo and group shows, hangs national shows, and engages with galleries and arts organizations. She is the NYC Representative for Women’s Caucus on Art, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations. Recent painting residencies in France and Italy culminated into her solo exhibition in Tuscany. Marcene brings these broader resources to the local community, implementing the inspiration with regional arts organizations.

With her supportive creative family, Marcene looks forward to continuing her mother’s legacy through Spirit Guide Dorie Doll projects, and Jitterbug Jams (her children’s book series) interactive arts. Both parents’ creative influences continue to the next generation; Pat and Dorothy’s musical and visual arts interests are reflected in their grandchildren’s work.


Dorothy (Dorie) Sheridan

Dorie’s fiber art is collected by celebrities, First Lady Nancy Reagan, and U.S. Foreign Ambassadors. She exhibited in the 1982 World’s Fair, and in several group and solo shows from PA to NYC, with Pittsburgh representation. Her work strikes a familiar chord in a personal way to each viewer, evoking cultural richness, spiritual renewal, and/or making our hearts giggle. The people Dorie portrayed in her sculptures, dolls, and silk paintings, are not meant to be recognizable from one particular time or place. Rather, they are for all of us to relate to and feel connected.