Tim Reynolds and TR3 Concert



July 8, 2017, Doors Open At 7:00 PM (Opening Band, TBA) 8:00 PM

General Admission $40  Purchase Tickets

Tim Reynolds — lead guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band and duo member of Dave and Tim — will perform with his trio – TR3, one night only, live at the BOTTLE WORKS!

With a musical career spanning more than thirty-five years, two time Grammy nominee Tim Reynolds is known for his masterful command of melody and timing and for his uncanny ability to improvise on any instrument he touches. In 2009, TR3’s first studio CD “Radiance” was nominated for Home Grown Music Network’s Album of the Year. Electric, funky, operatic, edgy…their show is a mix of updated Reynolds’ classics to wild covers of everything from James Brown, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson and Focus to TR3’s ever-evolving catalog of new material.

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Tim Reynolds




SongWorks “A Summer Picnic on Third Avenue”

Featuring Sam Coco and Friends


Thursday, July 13

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM

Appetizers and Concert: $10 Members, $12 Non-members


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Sam Coco, Barry Poglein, and Bob Sites at the BOTTLE WORKS Garden on Chestnut



KoKo,  (Sam Coco),  is a local singer, guitarist and songwriter who has performed in the Johnstown area for many years. He performs regularly throughout the area not only as a soloist but also with “Hard Rok, KoKo and Joe”, “Guitar’s Around”, “Take 2”, “Blue Piranha” and “One Night Stand”. He has also played drums for The Denise Canby and Joe Tirpak Group. For many years he was the drummer for the local group, “Satrycon”. Sam is a member of the “Songworks” songwriting group. He is the conductor of the Johnstown Symphony Chorus.

KoKo plays a wide variety of music with a focus on Jimmy Buffett’s music. His original songs are story songs mostly about beach life. He incorporates a “good-time” feeling into his performances by tailoring his music to the audience. He always follows the idea of….. “Who doesn’t like to have a good time!!!”


Barry Poglein

Barry Poglein, a resident of Indiana County, PA., is primarily a sculptor working in ice and wood. His talents range from playing acoustic guitar, vocal, and performance art to mural painting and portrait drawing.

Barry has produced a series of coloring comic books including”The Big Walk In The Woods Coloring Book”, “The Big Retired Teacher’s Coloring Book” and “The Big Songworks Coloring Book”, which contains lyrics of songs he has written paired with graphite drawings.

He has composed and performed music, which relates to activities with which he has participated.  His music always has a personal touch within the music and lyrics. “Don’t Put Your Photomontage Out in the Garage”, “Lines, Lines, Lines, They’re Everywhere”, “Rubber Gloves”, and “It’s Time to Give Thanks” are a few of the memorable pieces which he has performed with Songworks in the Johnstown area.

Barry is a member of not only Songworks but also active in Artworks as part of the BOTTLE WORKS organization.


Bob Sites

Because of God’s great grace, Bob is a songwriter, singer and guitar player who’s focus is on playing, recording and performing his own original music. With a small home-based studio, he writes with, and records other local artists as well working on his own material. Bob does not like to play cover songs at all; he says, “it’s like relying on someone else to build something for you”! Over the years of playing have included all the guitar work in the “Mother Folk and Blues” band, three CD compilations; one of his own titled “An Acoustic Guitar and Bob” and two with long-time friends and fellow musicians Lou LaManna as “Forest Road” and with Jim Griffith as “Shadow Pass”. Bob is currently working on mastering projects for his original music and recording a local artist for a CD project. Another local artist just completed a CD with him. Bob is a member of the Johnstown, PA “Songworks”group, who along with them and a number of other local talent, will be donating time and music for a CD to benefit “Clean Water Kenya”.



SongWorks “Gospel Infusion”

Thursday, August 10

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM



Thursday, September 14

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM


SongWorks “Songwriting Contest”

Thursday, October 12

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM



Thursday, November 9

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM



Thursday, December 14

Appetizers at 6:00 PM • Concert at 7:00 PM