Bottle Works 2020 Membership Drive!


The Bottle Works 2020 Membership Drive is in full swing! 

In 2018 we raised $8,360. In 2019 we blew our goal away with $43,917 raised! We have once again set out to challenge ourselves with a 2020 goal of $52,500!


2020 Membership Levels 

2020 Membership Levels All Members will be listed on the Bottle Works’ Website. All receive programming discounts on designated classes and events and will receive advance notice for reservations. Additional benefits based on membership level are listed below.


Personal Membership – $40 You are a fan of the Bottle Works and will receive admission discounts for ONE participant to designated events. Get Your Personal Membership!

Arts Influencer Membership – $80 You are not only a fan of the Bottle Works, but a Supporter! You believe in our mission and want to take advantage of best pricing on programs. • Discounts for Two Participants to designated BW events. • $40 Credit towards programs at Laurel Arts in Somerset County. • Invitation to a PRIVATE Members-only Reception on the Green Roof • 10% Discount on Rental Space Get Your Arts Influencer Membership!

Family Fun Membership – $100 You are raising a family of culture vultures and want your children to enjoy all of the rich cultural experiences the BW has to offer! • All of the benefits of Arts Influencers extended to 2 Adults and 2 Children. Get Your Family Fun Membership!

Arts Aficionado Membership – $250 – $499 You are an interested and concerned arts patron. You are willing to invest in a Contributing Membership, knowing that your investment will make a difference. • All of the Arts Influencer benefits plus 15% off event rentals including the Green Roof.

Get Your Arts Aficionado Membership!

Impacting the Arts Membership – $500 – $999 You are among those in the community who truly appreciate the arts and are willing to invest in the cultural future of our community. Savvy yet discriminating, you also plan to attend and support local arts as often as possible, while taking advantage of economical member pricing. • All of the Arts Aficionado Benefits PLUS recognition on a printed sign in the Gallery, Member Discounts for up to 4 participants, and 20% off of an event rental. Get Your Impacting the Arts Membership!

Rainmaker Membership – $1000 + You are a community leader who is willing to invest in the cultural landscape of Johnstown. You realize the importance of art programs to the economic health and positive lifestyle of the region, and you are willing to step up and effect change. • All of the Impacting the Arts benefits PLUS One Free Event Rental including the Green Roof.

Get Your Rainmaker Membership!
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2020 Bottle Works Members

2019 Bottle Works Members

Thank you to all of our 2019 Bottle Works Members
You DO come 1st at Arts on Third!


James Dewer

Gregory D. Glosser

Richard Hodos

Craig Lynch

Dr. John & Mrs. Barbara Yerger

Dr. Carl & Sue Konvolinka

David A. Glosser Foundation

Impacting the Arts

Dave Zucco
Penn and Amy Whitlow
Marc McCall
Michael and Kitty Hood
Elmer Laslo
Cynthia McAneny
Donato Zucco
Edward Sheehan Jr.
Gary Platt
James Vasilko
John Yerger
Kevin Zitnay
Mark Kuperstock
Mark Pasquerilla
Richard B. Edwards Jr. Brett Wilson
Roberta Lohr
Russell W. Lauf 

Somerset Trust

Arts Aficianado

Howard & Adelle Picking

Ann Yerger

Christopher Zamias

Jeanne & Rob Gleason

John J Saracena

William and Kathy Carney

Bob Eyer

Bonnie Resinski

James and Chris Richey

Ken Salem Thomas Buick

Family Fun

 Barry & Barbara Poglein
Betty McPherson
Camille & Dorothy Maravelli
Edward OBrien
Karen Azer
Maureen Conway
Michael and Monica Kozak
Steven Stern
Allied Artists of Johnstown
Barbara H. Yerger
Bob & Sylvia Herman
Bruce Haselrig Sr.
Caryl Swanson
Cindy Solarczyk
David Yerger
Debra Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hill
Dr. Roy and Maureen E. Warren
Edwin and Rosemary Pawlowski
Greg and Carol Dick
Harry and Mary Ann Bennear
Harry and Val Dutchyshyn
Ivar and Mary Berge
Jeff and Tara Klein
Jerry and Mary Frances Sandusky
Jim and Patti Dewar
Jim Wolfe and Loretta Opila
Katie Respet
Margaret A. O’Malley
Mariane Gojmerac
Mary Polacek
Mary Lou & Andrew Astorino & Fedore
Maureen Kimlin
Michael B. Garver
Mickey and Lynn Musulin
Mickie and Skip Graham
Nick and MaryAnn Jacobs
Ray and Connie Huff
Rebecca Catelinet
Richard and Connie Mayer
Robert Horowitz
William and Janet Bloom
Elizabeth Mayer and Michael Kane
Gary Lehman
Gary & Rose Poborsky

Arts Influencer

Barry and Julia Gilchrist

Bryan and Mary Smith

Dan & Geeg Eash

Elizabeth Good

Jan Wescott

Joann Sklarsky

Joe and Helen Berezansky

Kim R. Rauch

Linda Sell

LT Giannone

Marianne S. Krizner

Marty Radovanic

Michael Raich

Pamela Stacy

Ray and Sue Wrabley

Robert Kallenbaugh

William Neatrour Jr.

A Rene Whitaker

Joan Rush

Judy Crookston

Marianne Spampinato

Mary Jane McCready TTE

Thomas Chulick

Alan & Joyce Lichtenfels

Barry and Joan Polster

Bill and Heather Brice

Brian and Hazel Gunnlaugson

Carol Cieslo-Brady

Charles & Gladys Clifton

Cheryl Fresch

Donald D. Trexker

Erica Fleck

Frances Findley

Ginny Weir and Greg Lunko

James and Carol Barber

Jeannie George

John and Joselle Skelley

Judith Crookston

Julie Horowitz

Karen Brewer

Kevin and Kelly Smith

Lacey Gearhart

Larry and Christine Blalock

Margaret and Leigh Smith & Black

Mary Clare Piatak

Michael Barletta

Michael Allison

Michael and Kathleen Burk

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dimond

Pamela Smith

Peter Bearjar April Sedei

Sandy Vigna

Susan Brett

Vanessa and John Wozniak

Mary Jo Gardill


Annette Ballow
Aurora Gilmour
Carla Straw
Charlene Trimeloni
Connie Martin
Cynthia Maloy
Douglas Oakley
Dr William & Nancy Grove
Ethel Jane Naylor
Gretel Kaltenbaugh
James R. Larkin
Jane Gleason
John Sinosky
Kathy Kelley
Kathy Stanko
Kenna Raymond
Lisa Mull
Lyn Garbarino
Margaret H. Kelly
Mary Ann Rizzo
Nancy Berkebile
Paulette Solomon
Saundra Gramling
Sheri Stalberger-Lowry
Stuart Thompson
Theresa Chalich
W. John Stiteler
Zahorak Betty
Dr. Lisa Matson
Adriana Zeron Neyra
Alice Voytko
Anna Antemann
Annett M. Kristofco
Annette A. Deitz
Barbara Jean Penrod
Bob Shaw
Carol Pruchnic
Carole A. Murphy
Carole Isley Corey
Chris Irwin
Christina Hostelter
Cindy Bailey
Constance Ross
Daria Dulak
Darlene Wissinger
David Mordan
David Solomon
David Huber
Deborah A. Chuba
Deborah G. Cuppett
Diana Williams
Diane Grasser
Donna Gillin
Donna R. Caprous
Dr. A. Ernest Papinchak
Dr. Florence A. Warfel
Dr. Johanna Vena
Dr. William Prothero
Duane Webb
George & Anne Fattman
Jennifer Paulosky
Jill Witherell
Joan Goughnour
Joseph Hensel
Joy Fairbanks
Judith Lansberry
Karen Welsh
Karen McNair
Kathy Trexel Reed
Laura Gordon
Lauren Grasser
Lee and Leigh Miller
Linda Waid
Maddy Barrante
Marcia Huss
Marjorie Lechene
Marsha Swansboro
Mary Lessard
Mary Jane Vebiar
Mary Kay Butterfield
Megan Kyper
Michael Duffy
Nanci Gaborek
Nancy Rovansek
Natalie Marionneaux
Owen Morgan
Patricia Dodson
Patricia Huntsinger
Patricia Hofscher
Patricia Ann Huston
Patty Toth
Rita King
Ron Madison
Ron and Diane Kabo
Ronnie Newill
Rose DeCoske
Sally (Sara) Stewart
Samuel Coco
Shirley Gardill
Susan Layton
Teresa Mrozowski
Thomas Brubaker
Thomas Papinchak
Tina Tedski
Vicki Williams