Arts and Wellness

BOTTLE WORKS has seen an increasing need to use the arts as a means of wellness, growth, and self-discovery. Arts and Wellness programming allows individuals to work through barriers by providing them with access to creative outlets. Participants learn how to express themselves in positive, productive ways and use the arts, whether that is yoga, photography, creative writing, mindfulness or visual arts, as a tool to achieve wellbeing. Our Arts and Wellness programs are offered through our human-service organization partnerships. The collaboration between our partners is key as we strive to create an effective compliment to traditional counseling and recovery modalities.

Mindfulness and Arts

Our Mindfulness and Arts Initiative seeks to engage youth within local schools and community organizations by employing the Mindful Schools curriculum coupled with arts. Through the application and practice of The Mindful School’s curriculum, we aim to provide an outlet for behavioral, emotional, academic, and social growth and support. Programming is held at your school/organization, or at the BOTTLE WORKS.

The Mindful Schools

The Mindful Schools (

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the quality of deliberate attention, of bringing purposeful awareness to one’s experience. What are the benefits of mindfulness? Over thirty years of research demonstrates that mindfulness improves:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Academic Achievement
  • Body and Thought Awareness
  • Impulse Control
  • Stress Management
  • Improved Focus
  • Compassion towards others and self

Log on to in order to find out more. Mindfulness and Arts Program: This Mindfulness and Arts program teaches mindfulness tools while engaging students in the joy of arts. We use the Mindful School curriculum to teach youth how to improve decision-making skills, impulse control and stress management. Among others, the lessons include: mindfulness of breath, mindfulness of emotion, mindfulness of thought, mindful eating, compassion toward self and others, and body awareness. The art lessons will provide students with practice and applicability by utilizing the learned mindfulness skills. Student will engage in many various forms of art that may include drumming, creative writing, watercolor, zentangle, and clay. This programming can be tailored for any grade. We are looking to partner with schools and community organizations, as students would benefit.

The in-classroom Mindfulness and Arts Program is an eight- or sixteen-week program that occurs twice weekly.

For more information, contact Holly Lees, BOTTLE WORKS Mindfulness and Arts Facilitator, at or 814.535.2020.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

The Trauma-sensitive yoga program is offered to serve adult women survivors of sexual abuse and/or domestic abuse. This Healing Arts program is structured as regularly offered classes with therapeutic music and additional counseling support as needed through Women’s Help Center or Victim Services at the BOTTLE WORKS. yogasonglogoweb Referral Flyer You can help support this program through becoming a referral source or a donor. For More Information: Call BOTTLE WORKS at 814.535.2020. Visit