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Arts Academy Registration

Nine Saturdays – Opening Feb 24! 

Feb 24, March 3,10,17,24, April 7,14,21,28 – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

BW Arts Academy Tuition INCLUDES NINE SESSIONS; guest instructors and professional artists’ programs; all materials and supplies; Graduation Ceremony, Master of Arts Certificate, participation as an exhibitor in Gallery Show and Opening Reception; open studio time to work on art projects, and refreshments at each session.
For this year we are offering a inaugural discount of $50.00 Off! 2018 Tuition: $299 Now only $249 for non-members; $285 Now only $235 for BW Members. Register By Feb 17th, 2018.


All Major Credit Cards, Money Order, Check or Cash Payments Accepted.


If you are interested in a single Saturday session, please call 814.535.2020 to check on availability and rates. Next Nine-Week Academy Session will begin in February 2019.


Your child can embark on a life-changing adventure!

Join us for an exciting comprehensive arts program for children ages 8-13 that will take your child’s education to the next level, opening up a whole new world of cultural adventure!

With a decreased emphasis on arts in schools, Bottle Works is taking the lead in offering a program that will foster a love of the arts through fun exploration of a variety of topics, skills and activities.

Your child will go on an artistic journey, discovering ideas, talents and career opportunities in music, fine arts, performing arts, literature and overall creativity. He or she will learn how to engage in Mindful practices that they put to positive use in many aspects of life.

Each week, he or she will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with arts professionals from a variety of different fields and backgrounds. Imagine the possibilities!

At the end of the Nine-Week Session, every Arts Academy Student will receive a “Master of Arts” Certificate in a Graduation Ceremony and be an exhibitor in an Art Gallery Showcase. Be a part of this prestigious inaugural class! Sign up today.

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Feb 24 – Who Are You? – Mixed Media

Everyone has their own unique personality, talents, goals and dreams. Art educator and urban realism artist Ashley Jones will help you explore and find your most authentic self, then express it through a mixed media project, creating a true masterpiece representing YOU! You’ll learn using techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and photography, then use creative magazine images and text to create a collage of your ideas bursting from the mind of your self-portrait!


March 3- The Art of Nature – Watercolor/ Oil Resistant Painting

Nature. Conservation. Preservation. Wildlife. Nature is full of color, forms and shapes that influence art, but how do our actions influence nature? We’ll take a special tour through the NatureWorks exhibit to learn about many different aspects of our natural surroundings, and how our actions will affect the natural resources of the future. Inspired by the beauty and intricate patterns of the natural world, you’ll create an abstract watercolor/ oil resistant painting.


March 10- Mini Masters- Impressionist Painting

Travel through time with professional artist Joanne Mekis and learn to create like famous impressionist Masters! Exploring Impressionism and art history, you will discover the inspiration and techniques to create your own Masterpiece.


March 17-  Heart Song – Native American Style Flute Playing

Learn to play the Native American Flute! Do you know the differences between a Native American Styled Flute and a typical flute? Flutist Debi Gagermeier will show you how they differ. Learn about blowing techniques, fingering and composition, then begin to compose your own personal songs.  In addition to learning about the flute, Holly Lees will teach you how to create a Native American-inspired craft. At the end of the session, everyone will share what they have learned by playing a song composed from the heart.


March 24- Ink Explorations- Ink & Sumi Brushes

Explore Ryan Keene’s gallery show with the artist himself as your guide! Using ink and sumi brushes, artist Ryan Keene will show you how to examine how a simple tool can limit or enhance your artistic abilities. Ryan will help you explore the bounds of creativity using the influences of contemporary art, graffiti and traditional scientific illustration. Through this ink project, you will also discover how to adjust your approach to take advantages of the personalities of the tools you use in the act of creation.


April 7 – Love of Pottery – Handbuilding with Clay

Everyone loves pottery! Learn to handbuild both functional and sculptural clay pieces from Bridget Mayak, a potter with 40 years experience teaching art in the public school system and a children’s teacher for Touchstone Center for Crafts. Make a bowl, a tray and a sculpture, or create a piece that comes straight from your imagination! Pottery is a 3-D medium that teaches you to think about structure, shape and form. This will be a piece of art you can give as a gift or keep for a lifetime.


April 14 – Love of Pottery – Glazing Pottery

Continuing from the previous week, Bridget Mayak will show you how to glaze, or finish, your pottery. You’ll learn about different glaze styles and techniques and find the one that is just right for your piece. Learn to express and execute your personal visions in clay!


April 21- A Finishing Touch

It’s time to put the finishing touch on all of your art projects. Holly Lees will show you how to finish your masterpiece in style!


April 28 – Travel to the South of France- Drawing Exercises

Travel to the South of France!…by touring our gallery filled with artwork painted in France. Artists from Pennsylvania traveled to France for an arts residency abroad and will explain to you how that change in location inspired them — and will inspire you! Create your own art from a new exciting perspective. See how changing your surroundings can infuse your outlook with an extra spark of creativity