Bottle Works Arts Academy

Nine Saturdays Opening Feb 8!

All students exhibit opening on April 4 @ 12:30 PM

 A Journey of Artistic Adventure!

Join us for our third year of Arts Academy, an exciting comprehensive arts program for children ages 8-15 that will take your child’s education to the next level, and open up a whole new world of cultural adventure!

With a decreased emphasis on arts in schools, Bottle Works is taking the lead in offering a program that will foster a love of the arts through fun exploration of a variety of topics, skills and activities.

Your child will go on an artistic journey, discovering ideas, talents and career opportunities in fine arts and overall creativity. Students will learn how to engage in Mindful practices that they can put to positive use in many aspects of life.

Each week, students will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with arts professionals from a variety of different fields and backgrounds. Imagine the possibilities!

At the end of the Nine-Week Session, every Arts Academy Student will receive a “Master of Arts” Certificate in a Graduation Ceremony and be an exhibitor in an Art Gallery Showcase. Sign up today.

Students can enroll in all 9 weeks of the Academy or choose a 3 week segment specializing in drawing, painting and/or folk arts


3 Class segments
Sign up for all three or pick one or two.

Each Three- week class segment: $100 nonmembers and $95 for BW Members

Special Discount for attending all 9 weeks
$275 nonmembers; $255 for BW Members.

Please fill out Enrollment Here: Enrollment Form
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Scholarships: Apply for Scholarship

Partial and full scholarships are available. Precedent for scholarships will be awarded to students applying for ALL 9 WEEKS of arts academy – Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis. Please fill out our online scholarship request form. Reach out to our youth coordinator for more information: Holly Lees-


Drawing – Foundations and Creativity – Feb 8, 15, 22

Feb 8- Charcoal Drawing – Jaime Helbig
Project description:
Jamie will lead the students in drawing exercises and guide them to create a still life drawing in charcoal. Students will learn about highlight, shadow and mid-tone using a subtraction method as they grow their skills as an artist.
Artist bio:
Jaime is a contemporary figurative portrait painter in a traditional medium working in Johnstown, PA. She received her Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree and her MFA in Painting and Drawing. Her experience as an educator stretches from public schools, to arts centers and as an adjunct professor at a community college.

Website link:


Feb 15- Drawing in Perspective- Kendra Pearl
Project description:
Kendra will work with students to draw objects in perspective. Students will draw using graphite and colored pencils bringing to life their own creation with this important foundational skill.
Artist bio:
Kendra specialize in portraits and the application of color theory. She studied at The Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington D.C. She likes to work with children and artists of all ages to bring out their own creativity and natural gifts.

Website link:

Feb 22 –Comic Book Style Drawing -Matt Lamb
Project description:
Students will create their own superhero origin story: They will learn about character design and illustration as they tell their hero’s story in a 3-panel comic strip storyboard.
Artist bio:
Matt has been drawing and creating comics since he was 8 years old. He acquired his BFA from Edinboro University. Matt is the Creative Director at Bottle Works.

Websit link:

Feb 29 and March 7, 14- Painting- Style and Vision
Feb 29- Impressionist Style Painting- Alan Rauch
Alan will give students a V.I.P. tour of his work that will be on exhibit at Bottle Works main gallery. Students will then create their own painting on canvas in an impressionist style using acrylic paint with Alan’s guidance. Students are asked to bring a 2 photos / images of their choice.
Artist bio:
Alan is a graduate of Copper University in NYC. He is specialist in impressionist style painting and has been a long time instructor at Bottle Works.

March 7- Painting Animals- Sandy Vigna
Project description:
Students will learn about how to draw and paint animals in a realistic style. Their animal pieces will be created in acrylic paint on a wood board and their animal’s characteristics will come to life as students learning techniques to paint fur, feathers and scales.
Artist bio:
Sandy is a self-taught artist with over 40 years of experience painting in acrylics. She has worked with students of all ages teaching multiple styles of acrylic painting.

March 14- Developing Personal Style-Madelyn Kelly
Project description:
Students will have the opportunity to develop their own artistic style and vision as they create a painting of their choice. They will learn new techniques and develop skills that are relevant to their individual style.
Artist bio:
Madelyn received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in painting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During her time at IUP Madelyn learned her love for teaching and shortly after graduation decided to return back to IUP for her Bachelors of Science in Art Education.
Website Link:

March 21, 28 and April 4- Folk Art- Traditional Craft
March 21- Paper Cutting – Kathy Trexel Reed
Project description:
Student will learn about traditional Polish paper cutting. They will learn folding and cutting techniques to create and glue symmetrical designs.
Artist bio:
Kathy Reed is an artist and art educator who has taught in schools locally and internationally. Kathy finds paper cutting a satisfying medium that is an extension of drawing and a very distinctive art form.
March 28 –Print Making- Eddy “Spaghetti” Maier
Project description:
Eddy will give students a V.I.P tour of his work that will be on exhibit at Bottle Works gallery. Student’s will scratch an image onto plexiglass and use ink and a printing press make unique art prints.
Artist bio:
Eddy “Spaghetti” Maher, who currently resides in West Virginia, is a Johnstown Native. He makes his living as a woodcut printmaker and teacher. He can often be found peddling his wares at arts and craft fairs all over the country.
Website link:

April 4- Kraslice Eggs- Joanne Mekis
Project description:
Kraslice is an Eastern European art form from Slovakia. Fresh eggs will be decorating using hot, colored wax and dyes. Colors, patterns, and designs have symbolic significance. The history and meaning of the symbols will be presented





April 4 12:30 pm – all class segments graduation and art exhibit opening