Saturdays February 8, 2020- April 4, 2020


Your child can embark on a life-changing adventure!


Join us for an exciting comprehensive arts program for children ages 8-15 that will take your child’s education to the next level, opening up a whole new world of cultural adventure!

With a decreased emphasis on arts in schools, Bottle Works is taking the lead in offering a program that will foster a love of the arts through fun exploration of a variety of topics, skills and activities.

Your child will go on an artistic journey, discovering ideas, talents and career opportunities in music, fine arts, performing arts, literature and overall creativity. He or she will learn how to engage in Mindful practices that they put to positive use in many aspects of life.

Each week, he or she will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with arts professionals from a variety of different fields and backgrounds. Imagine the possibilities!

At the end of the Nine-Week Session, every Arts Academy Student will receive a “Master of Arts” Certificate in a Graduation Ceremony and be an exhibitor in an Art Gallery Showcase.

More information coming soon!