The Altoona Johnstown Diocese “Divinely Inspired Art Show”

Feb 15-25 Bottle Works Events Room

The Altoona Johnstown Diocese 1st Annual “Divinely Inspired Art Show” featuring art created by the students of The Altoona Johnstown Diocese Catholic Schools.

February 15-25 in the Bottle Works Events Room

Awards Ceremony on February 24. Come to enjoy free refreshments, live music, and of course great art from 1-4 PM!

“Art is a great synthesizer; it makes connections between science, math, reading and technology-helping students look at the world in a unique way. Our students create art with their God-given talents and inspire us all along the way! We are blessed to teach in schools where God is at the center.”

Karen Blaisdell
Art and Religion Teacher
Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

“We are so glad to have this opportunity available to our students. The arts are so important to a student’s education and at a time when these programs are being slashed across the country, it is great to see that art education is thriving in our Diocesan schools. Our students have drawn upon their God-given talents and submitted over 400 pieces for this exhibit, showcasing a range a subjects and styles. I cannot wait to see how our students were Divinely Inspired and invite our parents, teachers, and the community to attend the exhibit as well.”

Jo-Ann Semko Director of Education Diocese of Altoona Johnstown