Reflections by Katey Ladika- Photography Exhibition

October 3 – November 8 in the Black Box Theater Gallery

Photographer Katey Ladika brings her talents to the Bottle Works Black Box Theater for an exhibition of photos that are ready for their big screen debut!

Artist’s Statement:
“I have a passion for storytelling, and it is best showcased through still photography. All the glam of a cinematic moment can be contained within one single frame.”
I use photography to tell the stories that I can’t quite put into words. I combine a skill set of character design, make-up, and art direction with the technical knowledge of the camera to produce visual stories that keep the viewer entertained and intrigued.
My inspiration comes from objects or places that would seem trivial to the average person. I believe that stories come less from people and more from what they collect through life. It is through my experiences with others and the places they’ve been that I am able to form a scene in my mind that I then transform into a still image. Sometimes, I focus on emotion and sometimes I focus on recognition of childhood memories.Each image is a reflection of stories that inspired me, crossed with my own vision of the world.”

The opening reception for “Reflections” will be on our 3rd Thursday Gallery night, October 17th from 5-9 PM, and coincide with our Oh, So Artsy Halloween Party.